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Talent Capital Model

Stop vesting on skills that always perish OR cease to be of relevance due to burgeoning technological innovation and developments. HR or Business Organizations often choose just the perishable skill as a barometer for mapping to target project requirement and it leads to suboptimal outcome and frequently large-scale failure of projects to both Buying and Provider companies.

Buying firms charge heavy liquidated damage [LD] to Provider firms When projects don’t produce intended outcome or output.

For a WIN-WIN scenario, both parties shall have to revisit the composition of Talent Type and Skill deployed in a mission or program.

Work break-down Model

Unmined Talent Capital

In delivering a Service or developing a Product, Nearly 70% of intrinsic Talent remains untapped due to conventional methods of

Talent Deployment

Inappropriate / Inefficient Organization Structure

Project Management

Process Enforcement

Innovation and Cost-efficiency happen only When “use of Innate Talent Type & commodity skills* is meticulously combined and built into Organizational Structure & Work flow”. Any Business initiative or program of projects require deployment of Employees of given Talent Type & needed Technology / Functional / Business skill to achieve the planned outcome.

For instance, a well-seasoned Business Leader or Executive will NOT be a fit to develop a Technology Platform Though he / she is from the same industry with all soft skills. Conversely, a right Tech Veteran without strategic focus can’t develop
fit-for-purpose product or solution.

A Business Leader with an operational focus can’t take a good product to right market segment with right message to its target customer. Talent Types are often overlooked or not observed by HR or Business Organizations that induct people to their unit.

CxOrbit [ TEANTM AI-driven Talent Analytics Platform ] enables leaders of any Business or Technology Organization to figure out & deploy right Talent Mix [a must-have catalyst to Skill Mix] to achieve mission goals and thereby Organization goals.